Dispensers and Gas Management System software

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Fuel Dispensers

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Fuel Dispensers

Fuel Dispensers


Censtar Fuel Dispenser/Petrol dispensing pump. High performance-price ratio, popular design, fast delivery, efficient service, sufficient spare parts supply, OEM and ODM service offered. Censtar produces electronic fuel dispenser, retail fuel dispensers, gas station dispensers and so on. all kinds of fuel dispenser are a best seller. They were sold to different countries of the world.

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Tank Gauge & Calibration

Automatic tank Guage and Calibration Software

Tank Gauge & Calibration


Censtar Automatic Tank level gauge is used to gauge oil level, water level, temperature and volume of oil products inside tanks.
Censtar ATG controller is accurate, stable and has a long working life.


  • It gives an automatic calculation of inventory volume, in real-time both in data and graphic display.
  • It's easy to be operated and maintained
  • An alarm can be set according to user requirements
  • It prints automatically, replenishment, delivery, and inventory report as well as daily transaction report when staff changes shift.

With Censtar ATG, its bye to Dip sticks and guess works.


Often, underground tanks in fuel stations get deformed or inclined due to improper installation or geological reasons, this, therefore, makes the volume chart to be inaccurate. Even from the point of fabrication of the tanks, the actual volume is often subject to estimation of mathematical calculation of volume.

There is, therefore, the need to recalibrate the tank to get an accurate volume of the tanks. The same applies to truck tanks.
This inaccurate tank calibration inadvertently leads to product losses due to large-scale assumptions of the volume of products.

Made to precision, Censtar Tank Calibration equipment and software comes to the rescue, to give an accurate measurement of the volume of products in tanks in real time, without any manual operation. The accuracy is +/-0.1mm and it applies to all products, diesel, gasoline, and kerosene.

Gas Station Management System



Censtar filling station management system is widely used in different sizes of the gas station, there are some functions below:
1. Daily business management.   2. Tank gauge management.    3. Customer management.    4. Commodity management of convenient store. Device compatibility, the system is stable and reliable; simple operation, good interaction, prominent information security design, automatic data backup, business data security guarantee.
Filling station management system, the monitoring module refueling tanker for the state of each gas station in real time or scheduled monitoring. Communication with the host between the query from the machine, petrol station automation systems according to the slave mailing address range is set,  petrol station automation systems according to their order of small to large queries by order of each tanker, here for a limited time-out that issue commands on the host (that address), if the received response information see this tanker within 500ms, then turn to the next tanker queries. Tanker after receiving a host command, the command to check whether the information is consistent with their mailing address, if different. Indicates that the host should communicate with other tanker, or do not consider this order; Conversely, if refueling operation ends, you respond to this command, the charging information is sent to the host, and then waits for the host back "has been charging" message.

LPG, CNG Gas Dispensers

LPG, CNG Gas Dispensers

Censtar is a cng dispenser manufacturers independent research and development of dedicated gas station equipment, natural gas dispenser, integration design, visual comfort products, cng dispenser manufacturers structure of the layout is reasonable, it is safe and easy to use.
Gas dispensers refers to that in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) to the natural gas vehicle (NGV) and large CNG station car fuel gas equipment, gas in natural gas pipeline through pre purification processing, first commonly to remove sulfur in the gas and moisture, natural gas dispenser again by the compressor unit to pressure from 0.1 Mpa to 1.0 Mpa compressed to 25, finally through the sale of qi activity to gas vehicle gas dispensers.

As part of marketing efforts to promote CENSTAR products in Nigeria, and to see smart filling stations and technology being deployed for easy running of filling stations, we had the pleasure of hosting Pump engineers and Marketers at our Showroom at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Nigeria…
Quite a good number of Engineers from Abuja and Kaduna City were treated to a lunch and Exhibition of Censtar’s Smart Station equipment and Solutions.
The meeting afforded the Engineers a platform to Network and be abreast of the trends, opportunities in the downstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria.

As part of marketing efforts to promote CENSTAR products in Nigeria, the MD/CEO paid a courtesy visit to the Chairman of A.A. Rano Nigeria Limited, Alhaji Auwalu Rano in his office in Kano. He was accompanied on the visit by some National Officers of IPMAN and some prominent Independent Petroleum Marketers. More>>



 In the Gas station business, usually, there are many issues such as:

  • Inaccurate measurement by hand
  • Stock Shortage
  • Overfilling of tank
  • High Operating Cost
  • Human Error and Fraud
  • Oil Leakage risks and Health Safety Environment issues.

which could affect the business efficiency of the gas station.

Based on automatic measuring functions to replace human work, an automatic gauging system is a special solution to help station owners to realize accurate and automatic management system to solve all these issues.

Censtar Automatic tank gauge system is consistent in solving all the above issues as its gauge system automatically measures the oil level, water level, temperature, and cubage in the tank via a Tank calibration system, top configured notebook computer and mobile printer, advanced self-setting software computation method that monitors the whole system from the comfort of the Managers office or elsewhere with the Help of GSM module that sends oil, water, and cubage level alerts as messages to the mangers mobile phones amongst other features.



Censtar Automatic Gauging system parades a couple of features to make your Gas station processes pretty easy to manage, efficient, and rewarding. These include;

  • Maximum 8 probes for linkage, display 8 tank’s information at the same time:
  • Alarm and cancel alarm: oil level alarm, water level alarm, temperature alarm, and static tubing leak alarm:(Automatic Tank Gauge System)
  • Calculate present tank stock according to the oil level, water level, and tank table. Display liquid Total volume, oil volume, and water volume in real-time.
  • Automatically shut off submersible pump at the low oil level
  • GSM module: send short messages including stock and alarm information to the manager’s mobile phone, the manager gets information timely and efficient.
  • Timing function: automatically timing by ATG controller and back-stage management system
  • Support extending function of the receipt printer and printing system information
  • Multilevel password protection function can make the settled system data sate
  • Support stock management software and supply protocol ports to support the third gas station retail management system
  • Provide function of alarm for a sensor communications blackout

Experience a complete Automation of all Fuel and Gas station processes. Gone are the days of using a stick to measure the fuel level in the underground tank.

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